William Green speaks with Jason Zweig, who writes the Intelligent Investor column for The Wall Street Journal. Jason edited and updated the revised edition of Benjamin Graham’s The Intelligent Investor, which Warren Buffett hails as “by far the best book on investing ever written.” Jason also wrote Your Money and Your Brain, a classic guide to the mental game of investing. In this conversation, he shares rich insights on how to invest (and live) intelligently.

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:23 – What Jason Zweig learned from his father, the wisest person he’s ever known.
00:22:05 – Why investors shouldn’t trust what brokers and financial advisers are selling them.
00:35:36 – How success is shaped by weird moments of random chance as well as skill.
00:48:44 – Why Benjamin Graham was obsessed with the overwhelming importance of survival.
01:04:45 – Why investors should be optimistic, humble, and intensely wary of overconfidence.
01:21:02 – What Warren Buffett said when Jason asked him, “Do you think you’re a genius?”
01:25:47 – Why investors need rules, policies, and procedures to drive their decision-making.
01:33:30 – Why investing is, above all, a head game in which the secret of success is self-control.
01:38:01 – What Jason learned while working with Nobel Prize-winning genius Daniel Kahneman.
01:54:05 – How Jason thinks about the perils and promise of disruptive technologies like Bitcoin.
02:08:50 – How money can (and cannot) buy you happiness.
02:13:40 – Why he’s inspired by the simple motto “I did the best I could.”

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